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Welcome to Teaching in Color! 

This podcast gives voice to the teaching experiences of faculty of color who've been silenced, marginalized and ignored, their careers destroyed for far too long, most often by the allies presumed to support them. A thriving diverse faculty is essential for a thriving and successful student body, campus and community culture.

Faculty of color - find affirmation, validation and empowerment here. Faculty and administrator allies - take note and then take action. Teaching in Color shares how.  

Nov 16, 2020

In the third and final part of my interview with a successful woman of color humanities professor, we continue our discussion about the disconnect between the stated intent of campuses to deal with anti-Blackness, and their treatment of their own Black faculty, as well as about finding hope and solutions to make the situation a little more bearable. 


Finding hope

We are finding strategies to keep moving forward to be successful. But this will also hopefully help people know that they aren’t alone and inspire them to push forward, or also leave institutions when necessary. 

Trusting yourself. Leaning on the community and stand on the other shoulders that exist. Helping other women of color avoid the same barriers, because I have already done that.

How do you find community?

There can be guilt and shame in sharing so you can build community – you have to be vulnerable and risk telling people what is happening for you.

It’s also important to acknowledge that hope is not required in this moment and there is no need to fake it. Having community to commiserate with is enough sometimes. 

Research says people are leaving because of things related to teaching. Allies – listen: we are leaving because of hostile climates around teaching, regardless of scholarly productivity.

It is important to remember that it is empowering that institutions have shown their hands – you now have some of the unwritten rules, and you can tell someone else those unwritten rules. 

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