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Welcome to Teaching in Color! 

This podcast gives voice to the teaching experiences of faculty of color who've been silenced, marginalized and ignored, their careers destroyed for far too long, most often by the allies presumed to support them. A thriving diverse faculty is essential for a thriving and successful student body, campus and community culture.

Faculty of color - find affirmation, validation and empowerment here. Faculty and administrator allies - take note and then take action. Teaching in Color shares how.  

Jan 15, 2022

At the start of every term, like a lot of faculty of color, I have a feeling of dread. But this past July, I decided to do something different, and I had the calmest start of term of my entire academic career. I want to share my secrets with you in this episode so you too can develop a strategy for a better start of the term. I encourage you to listen right to the end, because I share something that may surprise you (not to mention the juicy bit about my boyfriend I drop in the middle!)


Need some additional resources on why it’s so important to develop a better strategy to start your term?

The Overlooked Minefield


Workplace stress and discrimination effects on the physical and depressive symptoms of underrepresented minority faculty 


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